Manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, with solid wood, the mills are protected by a layer of transparent matt food-grade varnish.

The original "Crushgrind" movement, in ceramic, allows you to grind pepper as well as dry salt crystals or dry spices.

Thanks to its perfectly smooth shape, this model was created to highlight the grain and character of the wood. The slightly wider upper body creates a formal imbalance while ensuring its stability.

The diameter is ideally designed for perfect ergonomics of the rotational movement

The use of the "Crushgrind" movement made it possible to move and hide the setting below the mill, and to purify the whole (unlike traditional Peugeot-type movements have it on the bottom).

The filling is done by separating the two bodies.

Nina pepper mills - black stained ash

  • Material : Black stained ash

    Sizes : 22 cm

    design : Sandrine Oppliger