London-based design studio Campbell-Rey launches two new handblown Murano glassware collections crafted from Pyrex. Named Cosimo and Cosima, the two sibling collections are a continuation of the close relationship between Campbell-Rey and glassmaker Laguna B, bringing together material innovation and a playful design with the skilled hands of Muranese master craftsmen.


Beginning with a tulip shape, Cosimo expresses a sense of vibrant duality with a two-tone construction across four forms: a coupe, a wine glass, a tumbler and a highball. Each piece in the collection is available in three distinct colourways: blue/green, amber/violet and pink/yellow.

While the beauty of Murano handblown glass is well known, as far as we know, this is the first time Pyrex has been placed in the hands of the glass masters of Murano to create handmade drinking glassware.


Invented in 1915, Pyrex is most often used for kitchen equipment, cookware and in laboratories so Cosimo share all the lightness and complexity of traditional Venetian glassmaking while benefitting from enhanced durability and heat resistance. The material is four to six times stronger than Venetian glass and consequently the pieces can be gently washed in a dishwasher.

Cosimo glass - Murano glass

  • Sizes :

    small : diam. 7cm - h 10cm

    large : diam. 9cm - h 13cm

    Made in Murano 

  • Delivery: 6 weeks, if not in stock.

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